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S&D whole chicken SAVE .57lb

$328 /lb 7.23/kg

S&D whole chicken

seasoned, fresh

SeaQuest® cod, sole or tilapia fillets SAVE 2.01

$498 400 g

SeaQuest® cod, sole or tilapia fillets

boneless skinless, frozen,

cap-off rib grilling steaks

$1047 /lb / 23.08/kg

cap-off rib grilling steaks

cut from Certified Ontario Corn
Fed Canada AAA grade beef.
Now 100% DNA Traceable

PC® jumbo cooked shrimp SAVE UP TO 3.01

$1498 21-30 count

PC® jumbo cooked shrimp

or Gigantico® raw shrimp
16-20 count, black tiger, frozen,
454 g

To Our Valued Customers In our flyer effective Friday July 25th until Thursday July 31st, 2014. We advertised PC Gigantico raw black tiger shrimp 16-20 count, 454g at $14.98. This item is delayed due to unforeseen reasons until July 27th. WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE THIS MAY HAVE CAUSED

PC® or Blue Menu® meatballs SAVE 2.01

$798 680-907 g

PC® or Blue Menu® meatballs

selected varieties, frozen

Apetina danish feta cheese cubes SAVE .29

$500 200 g

Apetina danish feta cheese cubes

regular or light

PC® formaggio di bufala SAVE .31

$698 100 g

PC® formaggio di bufala

PC® crumbled goat feta

$498 175 g

PC® crumbled goat feta

Castello burger blue slices 150 g
or Danish crumbled blue cheese
142 g selected varieties

fully cooked meat strips

$500 150/200 g

fully cooked meat strips

chicken, beef or turkey
selected varieties,

Zerto shredded cheese SAVE .39

$498 140 g

Zerto shredded cheese

selected varieties

Ziggy’s® sliced deli meats

$500 300/375 g

Ziggy’s® sliced deli meats

pre-packaged, assorted varieties

PC® BBQ chicken

$897 900 G

PC® BBQ chicken

Guaranteed available from
12 pm to 8 pm or it's FREE!

Some conditions apply
see in-store for details.

PC® or Blue Menu® dips

2/$600 227 g

PC® or Blue Menu® dips

OR 3.00 EACH
selected varieties

Farmer’s Market™ coffee cake SAVE 1.97

$600 850 g

Farmer’s Market™ coffee cake

selected varieties

Casa Mendosa tortillas SAVE 1.00

$300 384/640 g

Casa Mendosa tortillas

or Thomas' raisin cinnamon
toaster loaf 675 g
selected varieties

Wonder bread

2/$500 675 g

Wonder bread

OR 2.50 EACH
or hamburger or hot dog rolls 8's
selected varieties

Fournée bread SAVE 1.21

$298 570 g

Fournée bread

selected varieties or petite Bretonne
croissant micro 375 g

mini blueberry cupcakes

$300 12's

mini blueberry cupcakes