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President’s Choice® Children’s Charity
Helping Kids Do Anything.

President’s Choice® Children’s Charity (PCCC) is committed to helping kids. Whether we’re providing support to children with disabilities or ensuring hungry tummies are filled with nutritious food, we want to make sure kids have every opportunity to live to their full potential. The best part? 100% of every dollar donated goes to helping kids.

We believe nutrition is fundamental to children’s health and we want to provide the resources necessary to fuel a better learning environment. Our support of children’s nutrition is accomplished by being the National Premier Sponsor of Breakfast for Learning and through the Boys & Girls Club of Canada’s PCCC Basic Needs Brighter Future Program.

We support children with disabilities by providing financial grants for essential specialized equipment and essential therapists. Through individual grants, the charity is able to supply much needed resources and help provide a renewed sense of independence, dignity and freedom.

Last year alone, President’s Choice® Children’s Charity granted over $10.6 million to more than 1,800 families across Canada as well as $2.75 million to childhood nutrition programs.

Through store fundraisers, national fundraising initiatives or personal donations, our employees, vendors and customers have truly demonstrated their commitment to the President's Choice® Children's Charity.

Superstore gives many heartfelt thanks to all of our generous supporters.

For more information about President’s Choice® Children’s Charity go to: www.pc.ca/charity.

Community Grants

Our stores directly support the communities in which they operate with a specific focus on the following identified key focal areas:

  • Healthy, Active Kids
  • Feeding our Neighbours in partnership with Food Banks Canada
  • Greening our Communities

Real Canadian Superstore firmly believes in being involved in the community. Each year, our banner lends its support to numerous causes throughout the community and many local food banks during our Spring and Holiday ‘Extra Helping’ food drives.

If you are a local organization with a request that aligns within these key focal areas click here to obtain the application and submit to your local store.  The store manager will review the request and decide on the appropriate support.